Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Woman Changing Tradition Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Woman Changing Tradition - Research Paper Example They have made up their minds to come out of their houses and work like men. They want their rights and want to do all that men are supposed to do because their own gender roles make them feel inferior. They want to be at the workplace, in the politics, and in the armed forces. This has been inculcated in their minds by way of strong feminism which comes with the agenda of women liberation. This paper discusses the hot debate whether women should be allowed to change gender roles or not by shedding light on the way feminist theories are changing the trend. Let’s start with explaining the difference between sex and gender which will show to the reader how gender roles come into existence. Sex refers to physical anatomy and biological differences between male and female; while, gender means the characteristics by which the society defines who is male and who is female (Roughgarden 22). Every culture has different concepts of gender roles that are assigned to males and females, a nd these are the gender roles that define the masculinity and femininity of an individual regardless of his physical anatomy or, in other words, sex. â€Å"Men and women are social categories† and socially â€Å"we have the freedom to decide who counts as a man and who counts as a woman† (Roughgarden 23). ... e main aim of contemporary popular culture is to refigure the body, hence issues regarding the body such as its shape, age and other requirements are the hot subject matter for magazines, books, journals, TV shows and even popular science. He states that these issues regarding the body raise questions about body frailty which creates concerns about gender differences, women being treated differently from men and the inferiority they experience as a result. For this reason, the issues regarding body and the gender differences encompassing the popular culture are the main concern of current feminist theories. Liberal women talk about women being treated differently than men, that is, gender discrimination that is favored basically by male domination. They talk about women’s understanding about sexuality, their experience at the workplace and how they manage their families alongside work. They are also concerned with women working with disciplines like history, social sciences, p hilosophy, arts and anthropology. The other important thing this feminism has to say is that women can tend to change the whole scenario by using their practical and empirical knowledge. This would help construct â€Å"a future non-sexist society† (Humm 5) which is the focus of attention of feminism. There are some feminists who characterize women as slaves in their houses doing work for their families without getting paid and thus their houses become a sort of prison for them. This is often referred to as domesticity. They say that this domesticity has to be ruled out from women’s lives if they want themselves to be treated at an equal status with men and considered as modern. The issues of domesticity and gender discrimination define how today’s woman reacts to her inferior position in